Web Analytics

Web Analytics is an important piece to the puzzle when it comes to growing your business online. Helping you to understand how visitors get to your website and what they do while they are there, are critical components in maximizing your revenues.

Conversion Optimisation.

Whatever your organisation's objectives, your website will want your visitors to do certain things. This could be to buy a product, complete a lead generation form, donate or download a relevant piece of content.  Conversion Optimisation helps you to identify what your customers come to your site to do and them make sure that you find ways to help them. This includes insights into optimising your landing page, highlighting which content supports your website goals and looking at the site architecture to make it more relevant and easy to use for your customers. Improving conversion rates completes the work started in bringing qualified traffic to your site, motivating them to take action.

Online Presence Analysis

Creating a comprehensive overview of web data analysis is an essential element in developing a robot and actionable set of strategic aims.  I will, looking at the purpose of your site to design activities that you want users to undertake as they proceed through the buying funnel. Building these into the measurement model will help you to identify better ways to develop your site and its content to move people to conversion. From here I support you to create KPIs and Segmentation, in order to use your data more effectively.

Competitor Analysis

This can be taken into your own click stream data to understand how your business is matching changes in market expectation. This kind of data is crucial as it gives you an insight into not merely what users are doing but why they might be doing it. This enables you to predict not just react to changes in users ideas and preferences. In addition, you can benchmark your own search data against your competitors. I can provide insights into how you can use the information from comparing the performance of your marketing with your competitors will give powerful pointers towards future strategies.