Why is Pinterest worth adding to your social media?

In this article we will take a closer look at Pinterest. If you don’t have presence there it will give you some reasons to take a second look and to give you some actionable insights into how you can get the best out of Pinterest for your business. And if you are there already, there are some ways that you can make more from your Pinterest investment.

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So what is Pinterest and how does it differ from other social media?

Pinterest is often described as a visual bookmarking tool. The problem with this is that is immediately sounds underwhelming. Everyone, who has ever bookmarked websites and then failed to look at them or even to remember they have bookmarked them, will wonder whether a visual bookmarking website is of much value.

But as you will see from the screenshot above suggests, the true power of Pinterest is that unlike other social media platform. Other social media tells the world about what you are doing or what you have done. Pinterest tells the world what you are planning to do.

So, some typical things that Pinterest users make do are: plan a project, gather creative ideas, explore a hobby or interest in more depth or save useful content or links to useful sites.

This alone should make marketers take notice. Pinterest can provide some amazingly detailed information on the interests and intent of users, which is surely very powerful information.

So what is the value of Pinterest?

There is little doubt that Pinterest is growing while the big beast Facebook has largely leveled off.
Pinterest v Instragram

The big winner in 2014 is Instagram. Its penetration has risen by over 50%. In comparison, Pinterest growth has been more sedate with an increase of 33% over the same period.

But it worth recognising the special features of Pinterest:

– Pinterest is overwhelming used by women. Around 42% of online women use Pinterest as compared to 13% of online men. Only Facebook has a higher proportion of online women.
– There is strong and steady growth in the use of the platform.
– Users do not spend so much time on the Pinterest site, but it is the jumping off point for focused web search.
– As a result, Pinterest has an unusually high click through rate.
– Pinterest has recently raised $350 million (£200 million) and valued itself at $11 billion, which means I has a lot of resources to develop the platform.

Some insights to get you moving in using Pinterest

If you don’t currently have a presence, set yourself up.
Currently, there are two membership options for businesses: a personal account or a business account. Many of the more advanced features are only available to business accounts.

It’s all about the content.

The key to Pinterest is providing content that is beautiful, helpful and actionable.

You have pinned a great image but the description is often where people drop the ball and don’t make the right impact with users.

The description that shows up in the Grid view on Pinterest may be limited to 75-100 characters (which is the view that most often will be used by pinners. So you need to make sure that your key message is included here.

But so many people leave it there, but your can write a description of up to 500 characters. This will appear after they they click to view the pin in close up. This additional information can provide significant extra credibility to your offer.

A study has indicated that there may be an optimum length for a Pin description for repinning to take place. The highest rate seems to be at around 300 characters. However, there are several spikes in this data, which suggests that different pin lengths may work better with some users than others and may differ depending on the type of pins.

And remember Pinterest descriptions are searchable and more characters gives you more opportunities to show up in search results.

Desciption and Repin rate

As you can see below these are two very different top Pinterest pins. The first has only 97 characters and the second has 303 characters. My observations suggest that very few of the top repinned pins have descriptions above 300 characters.

But there are two further points to make here:
1. There seems to be several different description lengths that are popular. You may need to experiment to find out which description length works best for you.
2. The other point is that repinning is only one dimension of measuring Pinterest success. Repinning doesn’t put bread on the table, it will increase your reach but what you want is pins that have great click through rates too.

Highly replnned yellow lines Highly replinned makeup

So where to start

Here are a few final suggestions about how you can get started in a way that will start to collect followers.

• Begin by creating a few boards to start your collection.

• The very best boards are inspiring with beautiful images that draw people in.

• They are also about a specific topic. Make it easy for your followers to understand what your boards are about.

• Don’t simply show off your products, show your followers what inspires you. Create boards about: ideas, places, people and mood behind your brands.

• Be authentic – use boards to show your personality

Good luck and happy pinning!