Working with small and medium sized businesses to develop a structured marketing approach


Supporting non-profit organisations to meet their diverse goals, cost effectively.


Helping schools and colleges to promote their distinctive ethos to the community and potential parents.


Working with companies that specialise in the service sector and have a complex interaction between their real world activities and their online presence.

Business Marketing

Whether your business is an online business or a real world business, you will need support to help you to market your business to meet your objectives, increase your sales and raise your profile among your customers.  My experience with digital marketing and traditional marketing ensures that I am ideally placed to provide you with the right support to drive your business forward. Today, there an increasing number options to promote your business, for example, search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising an email marketing.  So choosing the right digital marketing tools can be tricky and require resources so you will need to identify the best tools to help you. My experience and training will make sure that your marketing is most effective to meet your new business aims.

I am here to provide you with robust strategy support to ensure that your web and real world presence are optimised and integrated.

Charity Marketing

One of my greatest enthusiasms is helping charities to promote themselves effectively. I work with charities to help them to define their strategy and define their short term and long term goals for your charity and work sensitively to ensure that your marketing goals match your organisation's mission.

By helping use the wide range of communications tools effectively I will be able to help you to communicate with your audience. Focusing on a selection of tools: social media platforms, website, working with their sites and traditional media (press and radio) to carry your message further and more effectively.  In addition, I will develop creative content that will engage supporters inspire volunteers and help you to achieve your goals, whether they are to raise funds, promote your services, increase name awareness. By developing a two way conversation in your communications will help you to engage with your supporters and inspire your volunteers.

Education Marketing

With in-depth experience of the education sector, I have the ideas and expertise to develop marketing in a school or other education setting. I have in-depth experience in the education sector as well as my marketing expertise, so I have a clear idea of the needs and pressures of the education sector.

The education sector is changing, the introduction of free schools and academies have created a market place. In this environment, it is increasingly important that your school has a robust communication strategy to ensure that all the good work that you do for the children. And you have an increasingly variety of ways that you can engagement with your stakeholders, for example parents, potential parents and the local community. Now using your website effectively, emails, text messaging the local press and (increasingly) social media are now among the ways to the traditional newsletters that you can reach out to your audience.

I can support you in making sure that your communications are effective, appropriate to your audience and manageable, especially as administrative resources in your school are often stretched.

Services Marketing

The services sector often involves a very different approach to marketing services online than selling of products. Many services need explanation, may involve a choice from a number of different options and may take considerable time to move from initial interest to purchase. Further most services also involve a longterm relationship with the customer and this needs to be reflected in all communications. In addition, it is also essential that information gathering on the customer from the web and other places is organised and is available to the sales and marketing teams, as appropriate.