Marketing Communications

Marketing communications in the real world is still very much alive, and can be easily integrated with online promotional and content marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Services

There is no doubt that a huge proportion of communications now operates online.  However, traditional communications still has an important place in the communications mix. This is especially true, for example, in the Business to Business sector and for businesses that have a real world location and providers of premium products or services.  

Marketing communications differs today because of the level of integration that is needed between off-line and online marketing.  Whether it is leaflets, flyers, sales letters, brochures or advertising, they will, typically, need to be integrated with online marketing services and CRM activity. My experience and knowledge of a variety of commercial and non profit sectors as well as digital marketing insights enables me to design strategies that will help you to create effective marketing communications materials that will work together with online materials to increase sales, and raise name and brand awareness.

I have significant experience and expertise of leading and managing large marketing communications projects and campaigns. Significantly, I have successfully led new product launch campaigns to multi-channel distribution, including direct sales, sales through intermediaries and online sales channels both direct and through affiliates. 

I provide a bespoke analysis marketing communications marketing strategy and tailor it to meet your business needs. This includes ensuring that your strategy is fully integrated with your online strategies and processes.

MarComms Planning

I can provide an effective integrated marketing communications plan.

Business to Business

Creating the right tone with Business to Business communications. I have the expertise to help.


We use a cross-channel approach that integrates the various channels in marketing campaigns.